Hammer Throwing in the UK
Flaming Hammers
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This is how a couple of american throwers celebrated Independance Day. The post below is an extract from "The Ring" (www.web-ster.com/kcarr/dischat.html).

THROFAR, 06:13 PST, 07/07/2004

flaming hammers

Thanks for all of the positive response to our video, Luke and I had a great time making it. It was a great rush! I have been attempting to do this for years, usually the people who actually want to try it, are too drunk to be of much help in the set-up. ;) As Luke and I were sitting down to a double chili cheese burger basket with milk shake (at Rush's...awesome meal by the way)and we decided we needed to celebrate the fourth in style. Well, we had planned that for a training day anyway, and well... you know where it went from there.

How to make flaming hammers:

disclaimer: I am not a professional pyrotechnics guy, you may try this at home, it works, but be careful, and if someone asks you who showed you this...you don't know me.

Take a hammer- does not matter what length or weight, random works just fine. take old gym socks (I have mismatched pairs with holes in them I keep for cleaning guns etc.) Slip the ball into the sock, it will stretch over it, making a great wick. if you wanna get fancy, you can tie off the top of the sock around the swivel of the hammer to keep it from flying off and shooting a flaming sock at your camera man during the 3rd turn. Now, dump a good deal of Coleman Lamp fuel on the sock, this stuff burns like crazy, but not too fast like gasoline. ( Actually, this is the only stuff we tried). You will want to have a candle lit and set up right next to the ring, when you are ready to throw, you drop the ball on top of the candle, and you better get to business. It stays lit from 10-30 seconds. Have a guy out in the field with an extinguisher. By the way it is hard to do all of this, plus light simultaneous fireworks, and video tape with only two guys total. 4-5 would be ideal.

Best of luck and do not set yourself a blaze.